Suchart Computer – Chiang Mai

Khun Suchart has been developing his business – Suchart Computer Chiang Mai – with an ever increasing customer base in the Chiang Mai area by providing top class computer and IT services. Nearly all his work comes from recommendations by people that have recognized that this level of skill and all around service are really valuable. This is especially true of the Chiang Mai expat community.

What people find so useful:

  1. Suchart has almost perfect English language skills. The fact that he is obviously also a fluent Thai speaker means that he can understand a problem and communicate with Thai businesses and organizations in order to resolve issues.
  2. Suchart has been fixing hardware and software as well as other IT issues for many years. He has his finger on the pulse since he is engaged on a daily basis with problem solving. It will be rare that your issue will be a first for Suchart Computer.
  3. He has built up ongoing relationships with suppliers and service providers in the Chiang Mai area. Because of this he is therefore able to point you in the right direction knowing what is available, where to get it from, what are the best choices and how to get a great deal. For many clients he has saved them his fees just by avoiding mistakes and having access to the best deals in town.
  4. Honesty – Suchart has a reputation for giving totally honest and professional advice. He will not just provide the cheapest equipment in order to provide solutions. He weighs up such things asĀ  – can this hardware be repaired in Thailand? Does it have to be shipped abroad if it fails under warranty or later? He is very adept at working out just what your requirements are and only providing equipment and software that you actually need. He never oversells to you.
  5. Communication – It is never easy to stick exactly to a schedule in his line of work. The customer before you might require extra time to fix his problem. What you will find is that Suchart will keep you updated if things change during his day. At the same time he will stick with your job to get a satisfactory conclusion before going to his next appointment. He is a good communicator and is available on the phone, through his Facebook messenger and by email.

Perhaps what people most often remark on though is that Suchart is very easy to get on with. The pleasant and professional approach that he adopts gives you confidence in recommending him to others. You will be very glad that you found Suchart Computer Chiang Mai and will have a new sense of peace of mind operating on the web in Thailand.

Suchart computer Chiang Mai
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